The goals of climate research at IRI are:

  1. to advance and test forecasting methodologies, both dynamical and statistical, for predicting regional seasonal climate
  2. to improve understanding of the physical mechanisms of regional climate variability on subseasonal-to-interdecadal time scales, through modeling and diagnostic studies
  3. to direct these advances in methodologies and physical understanding toward improving seasonal predictions for specific regional projects and forecast operations.

Current IRI climate research activities include:

  • Validating coupled and uncoupled GCM prediction systems of seasonal variability.
  • Developing and undertaking a comparative evaluation of downscaling methodologies, including high resolution regional models, in support of demonstration activities.
  • Improving forecast verification methodologies with an emphasis on demonstration regions.
  • Developing statistical techniques and tools that combine, downscale and tailor global model outputs (includes weather statistics and daily sequences).
  • Advancing methods to characterize historical decadal variability, assess information content from initialized dynamical predictions at decadal scale, and experimental near-term climate projections.
  • Developing layered forecast information products for climate across scales of seasons to decades.
  • Analyzing physical mechanisms of observed and modeled climate variability, predictability, and change, for demonstration projects.
  • Advance climate risk simulation tools (seasonal-interannual-multi-decadal)
  • Severe convection, tornadoes and climate research

IRI’s Climate Group

  • John Allen, Postdoctoral Research Scientist, Severe Thunderstorms, Tornadoes, Convection & Climate Predictability
  • Anthony Barnston, Chief Forecaster, Climate and ENSO Forecasting, Outreach, Training
  • Ashley Curtis, Senior Staff Associate, Climate Group
  • Kátia Fernandes, Associate Research Scientist, Amazon Hydrometeorology and Climate Variability
  • Alessandra Giannini, Research Scientist, Climate Change Science/Adaptation in Monsoon Regions
  • Lisa Goddard, Director of IRI, Senior Research Scientist
  • Paula Gonzalez, Associate Research Scientist, Near-Term Climate Change, Climate Variability
  • Arthur Greene, Associate Research Scientist, Probablistic Climate Change
  • Chia-Ying Lee, Postdoctoral Research Scientist, Tropical Cyclones
  • Shuhua Li, Senior Staff Associate, Forecasting, Prediction Research
  • Bradfield Lyon, Research Scientist, Climate Analysis, Drought
  • Simon Mason, Senior Research Scientist, Climate, Disasters, International Outreach
  • Ángel Muñoz, Graduate Research Fellow, Climate Sciences
  • Andrew Robertson, Senior Research Scientist, Head of Climate Group
  • Mike Tippett, Senior Research Scientist, Prediction Research
  • Nicolas Vigaud, Associate Research Scientist, Climate Modeling