Forecast Products

ENSO-neutral conditions (a) compared to the warmer waters of a typical El Nino (b), shown as sea surface temperature anomalies in the equatorial Pacific Ocean.


This site provides details of the current forecast status of ENSO conditions, as well as background information on both the physical phenomenon and some of its associated impacts through examples provided by regional experts across a variety of sectors and disciplines.

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climate forecast verifications


Evaluating the quality of predictions is an essential component of seasonal forecasting. Verification information is now available online for IRI’s seasonal probabilistic forecasts from 1997 to present. This is part of IRI’s larger goal to define, implement, and promote a set of verification procedures that provide accurate and easily understandable information for communicating the quality and potential value of seasonal forecast products.

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AGCM Predictions

Maps of temperature, precipitation and 500mb-geopotential height forecasts from Individual Atmospheric General Circulation Models.

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