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Q&A with Lisa Goddard on Leadership in Climate Science

Lisa Goddard’s career at the International Research Institute for Climate and Society stretches back to when the institute was based on the West Coast and some of its scientists surfed on their lunch breaks (we won’t name names…).  Goddard is internationally recognized for her work in climate science, and has held several leadership positions in […]

A New Definition of Rainy Season Onset Dates In Vietnam Tailored to Agriculture

Researchers at the International Research Institute for Climate and Society have found a significant relationship between the El Niño-Southern Oscillation (ENSO) and the start of the rainy seasons in two agriculturally important regions of Vietnam: the Central Highlands, where most of the country’s coffee crop is grown, and the Mekong River Delta, which produces the […]

Coffee for the birds: Connecting bird-watchers with shade-grown coffee

Adapted from a release published by Virginia Tech. Since 1970, bird populations in North America have declined by approximately 2.9 billion birds, a loss of more than one in four birds. Factors in this decline include habitat loss and ecosystem degradation from human actions on the landscape. At the same time, enthusiasm for bird-watching has […]

February Climate Briefing: La Niña to Hold on a Bit Longer

Read our ENSO Essentials & Impacts pages for more about El Niño and La Niña. In mid-February, the tropical Pacific sea-surface temperatures rose slightly but remained below average and within the moderate strength La Niña range. All atmospheric parameters also indicated La Niña conditions. A new set of model runs predicts La Niña conditions are likely to dissipate by April-June […]

Video: Adapting Agriculture to Climate Today, for Tomorrow

For decades, the International Research Institute for Climate and Society has worked across the globe to build climate information resources. Adapting Agriculture to Climate Today, for Tomorrow (ACToday), a Columbia World Project, is in many ways a culmination of this work. The project aims to combat hunger by increasing climate knowledge in six countries that […]

IRI Commits to Principles for Locally Led Adaptation

The International Research Institute for Climate and Society has joined more than 40 governments and leading institutions to commit to a new set of principles that ensure climate adaptation is led by local people. ‘The Principles for Locally Led Adaptation’ are informed by the voices and priorities of women and men who are most affected […]

Building the Digital Road: Climate Services for 300 Million Small-Scale Producers

Digital climate advisory services (DCAS), such as this project in Ghana, are a proven way to help build resilience in the agricultural sector. DCAS refer to the provision of climate-related information to farmers via digital tools and platforms. They can include online portals, mobile applications as well as more traditional, digitally-enabled services like radio and […]

Climate Services for Locally-Led Adaptation

During a session of the Gobeshona Global Conference on January 21, 2021, Ángel G. Muñoz and Carmen González Romero led a discussion on climate services ecosystems, a concept which they and others at the International Research Institute for Climate and Society introduced recently in a paper in the World Meteorological Bulletin. Muñoz and González described […]

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