New Integration Between Climate Predictability Tool and Data Library

Version 14 of the Climate Predictability Tool features several new updates, the most significant being integration with IRI’s Data Library that allows users to directly download datasets from IRIDL into CPT. The data will automatically be converted into CPT format.


IRI’s CPT and Data Library in use at a training in Kingston, Jamaica, May 2014. Photo by Elisabeth Gawthrop.

IRI scientists frequently update the Data Library and CPT in response to user input from around the world.

“It’s the constant feedback from the users that drives the design process,” said Simon Mason, who created CPT.

Already there is a positive response from users about the new features.

“CPT is the official tool of the Dirección Meteorológica de Chile [Chile’s Meteorological Service] for seasonal forecasts, and this new function makes it even more user-friendly for us, as we don’t need to download anymore the necessary data from the Data Library by ourselves,” said Claudia Villarroel.

“In the National Met Service in Paraguay CPT is the main tool for seasonal predictions, and the fact that it is now linked to the DL makes it even more functional for us, greatly facilitating its use,” said Max Pasten.

IRI has created a video tutorial in both English and Spanish on the features in the latest update. See videos below or, for easier pausing and moving between sections, on our Vimeo page.



English version:

Spanish version: