Climate Data Tool (CDT)

IRI’s ENACTS initiative has been working with National Meteorological Services (NMS) in Africa and in other developing countries to improve the availability of quality climate data and climate information products. This requires access to an easy-to-use and freely available tool for performing the tasks required to generate the data information products. Most NMS in developing countries do not have access to such a tool.

To meet this significant need, the IRI has developed the Climate Data Tool (CDT), which is an open-source, R-based software with an easy-to-use graphical user interface. CDT is being used by over 20 countries primarily in Africa, but also in some countries in Asia and South America.

CDT’s main functionalities include:

  • Organization and processing of station data;
  • Downloading and processing of various satellite rainfall estimates and reanalysis products;
  • Downloading of ancillary data (digital elevation models and administrative boundaries);
  • Assessment of data availability in the NMS climate database; 
  • Assessment and correction of station data quality;
  • Merging station observation with proxies (satellite rainfall estimates and reanalysis temperature products) 
  • Extraction of data from gridded products, including satellite, reanalysis, and combined data products, at any point, for a selected box, and for any administrative boundary; and
  • Various analysis and visualization of station and gridded datasets.

Meteorologists from the West African Regional Climate Centre AGRHYMET receive a refresher training on CDT as they prepare to take over CDT expertise in the West African region. Photo credit: Rija Faniriantsoa/IRI
Countries where CDT has been implemented (installation and training) either as part of ENACTS implementation or independent of ENACTS (implemented by Regional Climate Centers).

Komalchand Dhiram from Guyana’s Hydrometeorological Service discusses the benefits of using CDT for his work:

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