Climate Predictability Tool Trainings

Seasonal Forecast Training with the Climate Predictability Tool

IRI-WMO Workshop on Tailoring of Seasonal Forecasts. A.Curtis/IRI

IRI-WMO Workshop on Tailoring of Seasonal Forecasts. A.Curtis/IRI

Course Description 

This training builds on IRI’s 15+ years experience in seasonal climate prediction and capacity building in best practices to train seasonal forecasters in provision of high quality, seasonal forecast information tailored to various climate-sensitive sectors, such as public health, agriculture, and disasters. Specifically we offer intense training in advanced statistical downscaling methodologies, using Global Producing Center (GPC) model outputs, and will work extensively using IRI’s Climate Predictability Tool (CPT). The workshop has a strong focus on the tailoring of seasonal forecasts to provide information beyond the standard tercile-based seasonal forecast formats. Advanced level topics are available as add-on modules, e.g Standard Precipitation Index (SPI) for drought forecasting.


The full course is two weeks but can be scaled to shorter timeframes. The course includes lectures and seminars, but the primary emphasis is on practical exercises, using the participants own climate data when feasible. Participants will acquire skills to produce their own tailored, downscaled seasonal climate forecasts, using global datasets (such as sea-surface temperature measurements) and dynamical model outputs from the WMO’s Global Producing Centers.

Learning Objectives

  • Ability to create seasonal climate forecasts that are tailored to user requirements.
  • Understanding and application of advanced statistical downscaling methodologies to Global Producing Center model outputs.
  • Understanding and interpretation of various forecast verification and model validation diagnostics.

Target audience

Participants are typically seasonal forecast specialists, many of whom are operational forecasters, researchers or technical experts at National Meteorological Services (NMSs), Regional Climate Centres (RCCs), universities and other research centres around the world.

Additional information

Please visit IRI’s main CPT page to access the tool, download data, view tutorials and subscribe for updates.  In addition to the Help pages within CPT, tutorial videos are also available for the latest releases.  To date, IRI has conducted about 100 trainings in CPT throughout the world.