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25 Years of Translating Climate Science Into Action

Since its inception, the Columbia Climate School’s International Research Institute for Climate and Society has transformed the way the world thinks about climate and climate adaptation. For decades, the IRI has helped to build bridges between people who generate climate information and people who need it, in order to protect against food insecurity, disease outbreaks, […]

Global Commission on Adaptation Launches “Year of Action” to Accelerate Climate Adaptation

Original press release here. The International Research Institute for Climate and Society joined more than 75 governments, institutions, civil society organizations, and private sector actors as partners to advance eight Action Tracks, focused on: Finance and Investment, Food Security and Agriculture, Nature-Based Solutions, Water, Cities, Locally-led Action, Infrastructure, and Preventing Disasters. Building on the momentum […]

Evaluating the Impact of Malaria Control Programs in Africa

Studies Show that Malaria Interventions are Critical Investments for Saving Lives in Africa New studies released today in a special supplement of the American Journal of Tropical Medicine and Hygiene add to the evidence that over the last decade, global malaria control efforts have saved millions of children’s lives in areas most affected by malaria. […]

The Annual Cycle of East African Precipitation

  • Journal: Journal of Climate
  • Vol. 28
  • Issue: 6
  • Publisher: American Meteorological Society
  • Published: March 2015
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W. Yang
R. Seager
M. A. Cane
B. Lyon

Climate Smart Public Health

What do hot summer days in Beijing and heavy rains in rural Colombia have in common? Both are climate events that can trigger a host of public health calamities. And they’re just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to the ways that climate and health interact. Despite strong connectivity between the two disciplines, […]

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