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Defining and Predicting Heat Waves in Bangladesh

  • Journal: J. Appl. Meteor. Climatol.
  • Vol. 56
  • Issue: October 2017
  • Publisher: AMS
  • Published: October 2017
  • Categories: Climate, Public Health


Nissan, Hannah
Burkhart, Katrin,
Coughlan De Perez, Erin
van Aalst, Maarten
Mason, Simon

Could the Recent Zika Epidemic Have Been Predicted?

  • Journal: frontiers in Microbiology
  • Vol. 8
  • Published: July 2017
  • Categories: Climate, Public Health


Muñoz, Ángel G.
Thomson, Madeleine C.
Stewart-Ibarra, Anna M.
Vecchi, Gabriel A.
Chourio, Xandre
Nájera, Patricia
Moran, Zelda
Yang, Xiaosong

El Nino 2015 Conference Report

  • Publisher: IRI
  • Published: March 2016
  • Categories: Climate, Communications, Disasters, Public Health


Gawthrop, E.
Dinh, D.
Fiondella, F.

Climate and Health in Africa

  • Journal: Earth Perspectives
  • Vol. 1
  • Publisher: Springer
  • Published: June 2014
  • Categories: Climate, Public Health


Madeleine C Thomson
Simon Mason
Barbara Platzer
Abere Mihretie
Judy Omumbo
Gilma Mantilla
Pietro Ceccato
Michel Jancloes
Stephen Connor

Investigating El Niño-Southern Oscillation and society relationships

  • Journal: WIREs Climate Change
  • Publisher: Wiley
  • Published: June 2014
  • Categories: Agriculture, Climate, ENSO, Public Health, Water


Stephen E. Zebiak
Ben Orlove
Àngel G. Muñoz
Catherine Vaughan
James Hansen
Tara Troy
Madeleine C. Thomson
Allyza Lustig
Samantha Garvin

From Anopheles to spatial surveillance: a roadmap through a multidisciplinary challenge

  • Published: 2013
  • Categories: Public Health


Obsomer, V., Titeux, N., Vancutsem, C., Duveiller, G., Pekel, J.F., Connor, S. Thomson, M., Ceccato, P., Coosemans, M.,

Early Warning Systems Chapter 8

  • Journal: Environmental Tracking for Public Health Surveillance
  • Publisher: CRC Press
  • Published: 2012
  • Categories: Public Health


Ceccato P
Connor SJ

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