IRI Technical Report 06-01. A Gap Analysis for the Implementation of the Global Climate Observing System Programme in Africa

  • Journal: IRI Technical Report
  • Publisher: International Research Institute for Climate and Society
  • Published: 2006


Boulahya, M.
Connor, S.
Menghestab, H.
Lenton, R.
Lynam, J.
Muller, M.
Stern, R.
Williams, J.
Hansen, J.
Hellmuth, M.
Thomson, M.
Addams, L.
Bhojwani, H.
Ceccato, H.
Dinku, T.
Ebrahimian, E.
Fullon, R.
Giannini, A.
Kangah, P.
Marx, S.
Mason, S.
Mosquera-Machado, S.
Mutter, C.
Ndiaye, O.
Omumbo, J.
Osgood, D.
Ropelewski, C.
Trzaska, S.
Turmelle, J.
Ward, N.
Wolde-Georgis, T.
Zebiak, S.