IRI Technical Report 06-01. A Gap Analysis for the Implementation of the Global Climate Observing System Programme in Africa

  • Journal: IRI Technical Report
  • Publisher: International Research Institute for Climate and Society
  • Published: 2006
  • Categories:


Boulahya, M.
Connor, S.
Menghestab, H.
Lenton, R.
Lynam, J.
Muller, M.
Stern, R.
Williams, J.
Hansen, J.
Hellmuth, M.
Thomson, M.
Addams, L.
Bhojwani, H.
Ceccato, H.
Dinku, T.
Ebrahimian, E.
Fullon, R.
Giannini, A.
Kangah, P.
Marx, S.
Mason, S.
Mosquera-Machado, S.
Mutter, C.
Ndiaye, O.
Omumbo, J.
Osgood, D.
Ropelewski, C.
Trzaska, S.
Turmelle, J.
Ward, N.
Wolde-Georgis, T.
Zebiak, S.