WIIEDU: Sample Materials

Weather Index Insurance Education: Sample Materials

Index insurance educational materials provide end-users with the necessary knowledge to develop and implement index insurance as a strategy within a greater risk management portfolio.

These tools are important in capacity building and the design of index insurance products. They are designed to illustrate climate risk and opportunities through an interactive and feedback-based approach, and assist with the process of index insurance product development.

The IRI Financial Instrument Sector Team developed a suite of weather index insurance educational materials (WIIEDU) incorporating interactive games and exercises, which have been an instrumental part in the design and the scaling of index insurance products. Some of these exercises comprise computational labs, which are accessible through the online educational tool, WIIET (Weather Index Insurance Educational Tool). Registration for a WIIET account is free and available to the public (information on how to apply for an account is included in the educational materials).

Click here to access the sample educational materials.

You can also download the PDF format of the WIIEDU materials here.

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