Video: IRI Celebrates International Women’s Day

More than 100 years ago, the first International Women’s Day emerged out of the women’s suffrage movements and called for equal opportunity. At the International Research Institute for Climate and Society, we want to recognize and celebrate the women who have made significant strides in all fields, but especially in science. Celebrated on March 8th, International Women’s Day continues to push for progress while encouraging equality globally. We’re joining in this year’s theme of #PressforProgress to further support the need for worldwide gender parity.

In the videos below, some of IRI’s incredible women share their thoughts about International Women’s Day and about women in science. The women is these videos tackle problems in climate science and services, index insurance, agriculture modeling and climate and gender. They’re just a sampling of the people and work at IRI.

The first is with Kátia Fernandes, Mélody Braun, Rahel Diro, Eunjin Han, Alessandra Giannini, and Tatiana Gumucio, as they tackle the question:

Why is it important that we recognize and celebrate international women’s day?

The second is with Bristol Powell, Eunjin Han, Tatiana Gumucio, Alessandra Giannini, and Kátia Fernandes, as they tackle the questions:

Why is it important for women to be involved in STEM, and how can we empower more women to be scientists?

Rebekah Heath is a masters student at Columbia University in the Climate and Society Program. Her interests are in renewable energy and sustainability at the corporate level. Before coming to Columbia, she worked at Ceres, Inc. in Boston, MA and before that lived in Kefalonia, Greece while researching and protecting Loggerhead Sea Turtles.