Report: ACToday’s Major Accomplishments

The International Research Institute for Climate and Society is excited to share a progress report on Adapting Agriculture to Climate Today, for Tomorrow (ACToday), the Columbia World Project it leads. ACToday aims to combat hunger and improve food security by increasing climate knowledge in six countries particularly dependent on agriculture and vulnerable to climate related risks: Ethiopia, Senegal, Bangladesh, Vietnam, Colombia, and Guatemala.

Our report takes a closer look at four key activities and accomplishments so far:

  1. Helping countries fill in gaps in their historical data and improve the quality of data they collect. We’re also helping them to implement advanced forecasting and data management systems and train staff on how to use these tools.
  2. Supporting and training ministries and government agencies to understand the value of climate services and build up their technical capacity to integrate these services into decision making.
  3. Bringing together those who generate climate information with those who use such information, so each can understand the other’s needs and capabilities. The end result: decision makers have access to better, more relevant climate information and are better equipped to use such information for agriculture and food security.
  4. Working with business, government and agricultural stakeholders to develop innovative insurance products to cover some of the risks farmers face.

Click on the cover image below to view the interactive report.