IRI @ Lamont Open House 2017

This Saturday, October 7, the Lamont-Doherty Earth Observatory campus opens its doors to the public. Started over 50 years ago by Lamont’s first director, Open House offers adults and children to learn more about the science studied every day at the campus.

Here’s what’s going on at the IRI tent throughout the day:

Coloring! Face painting! Draw with an artist!

Channel your inner artist and color in maps of ocean temperatures and learn about how climate scientists make El Niño forecasts. Versions available all day for both kids and adults. We’ll also have artist Michelle Rogers on hand to lead drawing lessons. And, if you’re not feeling particularly artistic, we’ll have a facepainter make you a weather or climate masterpiece!

Preview of face painting options at the IRI Open House tent, by Dannie Dinh.

Farmer’s Game 

Come play a simple 20-minute table game in which you’re a farmer in Ethiopia who has to decide whether to buy drought insurance and make other decisions about your livelihood. Ages 8 and up are welcome to participate. This game is similar to those we play with farmers around the world to teach the concepts of index insurance. Played twice during the day

Climate Trivia Game 

Are you smarter than a climate scientist? Come test your skills at a fun climate trivia game and win a comic book! Ages 8 and up. Played twice during the day.

The Shoe Game

Stand up and be counted in this simple 20 minute interactive game about seasonal forecasts. From Kenya to Jamaica, we use this game to teach communities around the world about seasonal climate forecasts, and how these forecast can be useful for decisions related to farming, public health, water management, disaster preparedness and more. Ages 8 and up. Played twice during the day.

ENSO Poker

Want to roll the dice on seasonal forecasting? Come test your climate knowledge and poker face at ENSO poker. Ages 10 and up. Played once. 

A detailed program of other groups’ activities is available here.


Registration is requested but not required. Free buses run to and from Columbia’s Morningside Campus throughout the day. People arriving by car should park at the HNA Palisades Conference Center on Route 9W, just north of the LDEO campus. Free shuttles will run from HNA to LDEO. Food is available for purchase. More information on logistics on the Open House website.