IRI Commits to Principles for Locally Led Adaptation

The International Research Institute for Climate and Society has joined more than 40 governments and leading institutions to commit to a new set of principles that ensure climate adaptation is led by local people.

‘The Principles for Locally Led Adaptation’ are informed by the voices and priorities of women and men who are most affected by the impacts of climate in developing countries. Local actors have the experience and knowledge to drive solutions that will enable them to develop and thrive in the face of climate variability and change.

Empowering local stakeholders to lead in adaptation gives communities on the frontlines of climate change a voice in decisions that directly affect their lives and livelihoods. Shifting power to local stakeholders, without expecting them to shoulder the burden of adaptation, can catalyze adaptation that is effective, equitable, and transparent.

“Through its work at the intersection of science, development practice and policy, IRI is dedicated to the co-production of climate services that strengthen the resilience of the most climate-vulnerable communities around the world,” said John Furlow, IRI’s Interim Director. “These eight principles align closely with our institutional mission and values, and we’re proud to give our endorsement.”

The International Institute for Environment and Development (IIED), World Resources Institute (WRI), and International Centre for Climate Change and Development (ICCCAD) facilitated the development of the principles with more than 50 other organizations under the Global Commission for Adaptation.

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