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Climate Information Digest
July 2006 Volume 9, Number 7

A global Quick Look at seasonal climate, its impacts and outlooks.

Hot Topics
  • Multiple heavy rain events cause damaging floods in southern and eastern China and Taiwan

  • Torrential rainfall and flooding in the northeastern United States affects several hundred thousand people

  • El Niño/La Niña Update
    Neutral conditions exist in the tropical Pacific. Based on the latest observations and forecasts, the probability of neutral conditions continuing through the July-August-September 2006 season is approximately 65%. See the IRI ENSO QuickLook for summary information and the IRI ENSO Update for details.

    Special Summaries for Apr-May-Jun - regions with enhanced sensitivity due to stress from persistent climate patterns.
       Persistent Cold or Heat
       Persistent Wet or Dry

    June Global Climate - summary of recent variations in temperature and precipitation. Note that all maps are linked to the IRI Data Library. For more maps and information see the IRI Maproom.
       Climatological Background
       Oceanic Conditions

    June Climate Impacts - influences of recent climate variations (with links to detailed reports) on:
       Water Resources/Energy

    August-September-October Seasonal Forecast - IRI's Net Assessment Forecast for the globe and by region

    Predictions in Context - provide a climate perspective by displaying a combination of observed and predicted precipitation.

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