Lisa Goddard

Director of IRI

ENSO, Climate Prediction Methodology, Near-Term Climate Change

128 Monell

61 Route 9W

Palisades, New York 10964

Phone: 845 680 4430

Fax: 845 680 4865

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Dr. Lisa Goddard is the Director of the International Research Institute for Climate and Society (IRI) and an adjunct associate professor within the Department of Earth and Environmental Sciences of Columbia University. She has been involved in El Nino and climate forecasting research and operations since the mid 1990s. She has extensive experience in forecasting methodology and has published papers on El Nino, seasonal climate forecasting and verification, and probabilistic climate change projections. Currently leading the IRI's effort on Near-Term Climate Change, Dr. Goddard oversees research and product development aimed at providing climate information at the 10-20 year horizon and how that low frequency variability and change interacts with the probabilistic risks and benefits of seasonal-to-interannual variability. Most of Dr. Goddard's research focuses on diagnosing and extracting meaningful information from climate models and available observations. She also developed and oversees a new national post-doctoral program, the Post-docs Applying Climate Expertise Program (PACE), which explicitly links recent climate PhDs with decision making institutions. In addition, Dr. Goddard sits on five scientific advisory panels and co-chairs two working groups.
Dr. Goddard holds a Ph.D. in atmospheric and oceanic sciences from Princeton University and a B.A. in physics from the University of California at Berkeley.

Research Interests

Dr. Goddard pursues several lines of research aimed at improving the quality and content of climate predictions. This goal is approached with a focus on climate diagnostics and predictability. Research areas include

  • Near-term climate change,

  • El Nino/La Nina and their impact on climate variability and predictability,

  • Methodologies for identifying the relative importance of regional SSTs to regional climate variability,

  • Assessment of climate prediction tools, and

  • Strategies for advancing research, development and implementation of climate forecasts.

Dr. Goddard also contributes to the real time production of IRI's ENSO outlook and seasonal climate forecasts.

Published Papers

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Published Papers - Not Peer Reviewed

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Submitted/In Press

Goddard, L., J. Murphy, T. Stockdale, C. Vera, J. Hurrell, B. Kirtman, 2011. Two Timescales for the Price of One (Almost), Bull. Amer. Meteor. Soc., submitted.

Goddard, L.. 2011. Seasonal-to-Decadal Climate Predictions. Encyclopedia of Sustainability Science and Technology, Invited Contribution, submitted.