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Enhanced urban adaptation efforts needed to counter rising extreme rainfall risks

  • Journal: npj Urban Sustainability
  • Vol. 2
  • Publisher: Nature
  • Published: June 2022
  • Categories: Disasters


Mona Hemmati
Kai Kornhuber
Andrew Kruczkiewicz 

Global predictability of temperature extremes

  • Journal: Environmental Research Letters
  • Vol. 13
  • Issue: 5
  • Published: May 2018
  • Categories: Climate, Disasters


Coughlan de Perez, Erin
van Aalst, Maarten
Bischiniotis, Konstantinos
Mason, Simon
Nissan, Hannah
Pappenberger, Florian
Stephens, Elisabeth
Zsoter, Ervin
Bart van den Hurk

El Nino 2015 Conference Report

  • Publisher: IRI
  • Published: March 2016
  • Categories: Climate, Communications, Disasters, Public Health


Gawthrop, E.
Dinh, D.
Fiondella, F.

Analysis of agronomic droughts in two livestock producing regions of Uruguay (in Spanish)

  • Journal: Agrociencias
  • Vol. 181
  • Published: August 2014
  • Categories: Agriculture, Climate, Disasters


G. Cruz
W.E. Baethgen
V. Picasso
R. Terra

Spatiotemporal analysis of extreme precipitation events in the Northeast region of Argentina (NEA)

  • Journal: Journal of. Hydrological Regional Studies
  • Vol. 2
  • Published: April 2014
  • Categories: Climate, Disasters


M. Lovino
N. O. García
W. E. Baethgen

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