Kátia Fernandes

Associate Research Scientist
Amazon Hydrometeorology and Climate Variability

  • Phone: +1 (845) 680-4449
  • Email: ude.aibmuloc.irinull@aitak
  • Address:231 Monell


Kátia Fernandes earned her PhD in earth and atmosphere sciences at the Georgia Institute of Technology. Work on her thesis, “The Amazon hydrometeorology and climate in ERA40,” gave her the opportunity to explore climate variability and change, hydrometeorology, and extra-tropical and tropical climate interactions. At the IRI, she is working with Walter Baethgen and Lisa Goddard in investigating and developing plausible scenarios of regional climate change over the Amazon, including changing seasonality for decadal to multi-decadal time horizons. These scenarios will be applied to examine the patterns of fire use, spread, control, and losses due to uncontrolled fires.