Diego Pons

Postdoctoral Research Scientist

  • Email: ude.aibmuloc.irinull@inidnagpd
  • Address:202F Monell

Diego Pons is a Postdoctoral Research Scientist in IRI’s climate program. Pons holds a BS in Biology, a Master’s in Public Health and Epidemiology and a PhD in Geography.  His present research interests are the generation of climate services in tropical settings. He is interested in communicating climate information to vulnerable communities in mountainous regions.

Currently, Pons is working under Latin American component of the Columbia World Project “Adapting Agriculture to Climate Today, for Tomorrow” (ACToday). He is interested in the interactions of decadal to sub-seasonal climate processes and their impact on agriculture and food security.

Research Interests:

  • dendrochronology
  • decadal climate variability
  • seasonal to sub-seasonal climate processes
  • climate impacts on agriculture
  • climate – health – migration interactions
  • satellite-derived vegetation monitoring