Aisha Owusu

Senior Research Staff Assistant

  • Phone: +1 (845) 680-4865
  • Email: ude.aibmuloc.irinull@usuwoa
  • Address:Monell 133D
    61 Route 9W
    Palisades, NY 10964

Aisha Owusu is a Senior Research Staff Assistant for the Climate Information for Public Health Action team at the International Research Institute for Climate and Society. The majority of her work and research involves using climate services and products and tools (e.g. ENACTS) to help African countries interpret and integrate climate data into sound health policy. She currently works with meteorological agencies in Ethiopia, Kenya, Rwanda, Tanzania, and Uganda. She also provides in-country climate and health training to varying public health agencies and ministries of health to understand how climate variables affect the transmission of vector-borne diseases such as malaria. She recently obtained her Master’s degree in Climate and Society from Columbia University. Before returning to graduate school, she received her Bachelor’s degree in Meteorology from the University of Oklahoma, served as meteorologist for the Japanese weather consulting firm, Weathernews America, Inc., and was a career development coach for the NYC-based nonprofit, Sponsor’s for Education Opportunity, and Goldman Sachs International in London.