Hidden Markov Models Tool Tutorial

Example 2: nhmm, learn, independent, delta-exponential

This example 2 has choosed model type 'nhmm', action type 'learn' and advanced options with 'independent' and 'delta-exponential'.

Copy data files from /InstalledDir/HMMTool-1.0/examples to /YouChoosedOutputDir. In the example is .../MVNHMM.

On the main selection window enter the selections as following:

Only No. of Hidden States can be change ( >= 1), all the other number should match the data file JavaCPC16_SOND_1979_04.asc.

On the Advanced Option window, enter the followings:

Click Launch button on main window. It will launch the mvnhmm c++ program and Graphics menu selections will be turned on after mvnhmm is finished.

User can click Graphcis selection to plot the output data.