IRI Climate Information Digest - Impacts August 1998



          China - Yangtze River floods continue for a third consecutive month.

Reported landings indicate that the last week in August was the lowest fishing week this year along the west coast of South America.  The reported catch was 22% below the previous week.  The extremely shallow thermocline in the Equatorial Pacific associated with the developing La Niña is likely to alter the usual distribution of fish species


Bangladesh - The World Health Organization has reported the occurrence of water-borne diseases associated with the high waters and flooding
Material for this portion of the IRI Climate Information Digest has been extracted from the IRI Climate Data Library -, the Climate Prediction Center, NCEP NOAA - http://www/ and the USDA/NOAA Joint Agricultural Weather Facility and the Fishmeal Exporters Organization.  Additional information was derived from, the UN/OCHA