Recent Publications

A simple mechanism for the climatological midsummer drought along the Pacific coast of Central America

  • Journal: Atmósfera
  • Vol. 26
  • Published: January 2013


Karnauskas, K. B.,
Seager, R.,
Giannini A.,
Busalacchi, A. J.

From Anopheles to spatial surveillance: a roadmap through a multidisciplinary challenge

  • Published: January 2013


Obsomer, V., Titeux, N., Vancutsem, C., Duveiller, G., Pekel, J.F., Connor, S. Thomson, M., Ceccato, P., Coosemans, M.,

Dynamical structure of extreme floods in the U.S. Midwest and the UK

  • Journal: Journal of Hydrometeorolgy
  • Published: January 2013


Nakamura, J.
Lall, U.
Kushnir, Y.
Robertson, A. W.
Seager, R.

Extracting subseasonal scenarios: An alternative method to analyze seasonal predictability of regional-scale tropical rainfall

  • Journal: Journal of Climate
  • Published: January 2013


Moron, Vincent
Camberlin, Pierre
Robertson, Andrew W.

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