Recent Publications

Dynamical structure of extreme floods in the U.S. Midwest and the UK

  • Journal: Journal of Hydrometeorolgy
  • Published: January 2013


Nakamura, J.
Lall, U.
Kushnir, Y.
Robertson, A. W.
Seager, R.

Extracting subseasonal scenarios: An alternative method to analyze seasonal predictability of regional-scale tropical rainfall

  • Journal: Journal of Climate
  • Published: January 2013


Moron, Vincent
Camberlin, Pierre
Robertson, Andrew W.

Twentieth-Century summer precipitation in South Eastern South America: Comparison of gridded and station data

  • Journal: International Journal of Climatology
  • Publisher: Royal Meteorological Society
  • Published: November 2012


Gonzalez, PLM
Goddard, L
Greene, AM

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