07/21/2016: Kigali, Rwanda

  • People Trained: 10
  • Trainers: J. del Corral
  • Expertise: Data Library, ENACTS
  • Contact: Prosper Ayabagabo, Meteo Rwanda, rwaprosper@gmail.com

Training for Meteo Rwanda. 21-22 July: ENACTS rainfall and temperature data, including daily rainfall; Updating the ENACTS monitoring dekad data; Analyses using ENACTS data Climatologies 25-28 July: ENACTS Maprooms, including Daily rainfall maproom; Digitizing Rwanda Seasonal forecasts; Adding new GIS features (like cropping zones and drainage catchments); Exercises using ENACTS maprooms 29 July: Data Library system and backups; Duplicate system on a separate PC for Meteo Rwanda internal access.