Paula Gonzalez

Associate Research Scientist
Near-Term Climate Change, Climate Variability

  • Phone: +1 (845) 680-4515
  • Email: ude.aibmuloc.irinull@zelaznog
  • Address:103 Monell


Paula Gonzalez is an associate research scientist working with Lisa Goddard on the Near-Term Climate Change Project. She earned her PhD from the University of Buenos Aires in Argentina, working on intra-seasonal variability of summer precipitation over southeastern South America. She has also contributed to research on climate variability and change over South America. Currently, her work mainly contributes to a project titled, “Decadal-Scale Climate Variability in Current Generation Coupled Models for Informing Near-Term Climate Change Impacts.”

Research Interests

  • Climate variability and change
  • Climate variability and change over South America
  • Decadal variability and decadal prediction
  • Climate Dynamics
  • Model Evaluation
  • Use of multi-scale climate information in decision making and climate risk management

Past Research Projects

2008-2010. “Study of the Factors Influencing Climate Predictability over the La Plata Basin.” University of Buenos Aires (Argentina). PIs: Celeste Saulo, Carolina Vera.
2008-2010. “CLARIS LPB. Hydroclimate and Society in La Plata Basin” — EU FP7 Collaborative Project — Priority Area “Global Change and Ecosystems.” Coordination: Jean-Philippe Boulanger (IRD-LOCEAN, France). Participation in Work Package #4: “Hydroclimate past and future low-frequency variability, trends and shifts.”
2007-2010. “Intraseasonal Variability of South American Precipitation.” NOAA GC07-134. PI: Carolina Vera.
2006-2009. “Local and Remote Influences over the La Plata Basin summer precipitation and its Hydrological Impacts.” ANPCyT (Argentina). PI: Carolina Vera.

Ongoing Research Projects

2010 – present. “Diagnosing Decadal-Scale Climate Variability in Current Generation Coupled Models for Informing Near-term Climate Change Impacts.” NOAA CVP. Lead PI: Lisa Goddard (IRI/Columbia University)
2011 – present. “Multi-scale Climate Information for Agricultural Planning in Southeastern South America for Coming Decades.” NSF EaSM. PIs: Lisa Goddard, Walter Baethgen, Arthur Greene (IRI/Columbia University), Richard Seager (Lamont-Doherty Earth Observatory, Columbia University).
2011 – present. “Integration of Decadal Climate Predictions, Ecological Models and Human Decision-making Models to Support Climate-resilient Agriculture in the Argentine Pampas.” NSF EaSM. Lead PI: Guillermo Podesta (Univ. of Miami)