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Forecast for NAME area

IRI Multi-Model Probability Forecasts for NAME Area

The IRI seasonal climate forecasts are a distillation of information from a variety of climate prediction tools, including dynamical models of the atmosphere, statistical models of climate variability related to sea surface temperature variability, and knowledge of the current state of the climate system.

Seasons Maps from July 2014
Aug-Sep-Oct 2014 Precipitation Temperature Discussion
Sep-Oct-Nov 2014 Precipitation Temperature
Oct-Nov-Dec 2014 Precipitation Temperature
Nov-Dec-Jan 2015 Precipitation Temperature

The 'Discussion' page contains maps of the rainfall cutoffs used between near-normal, above-normal, and below-normal rainfall in terms of percent normal rainfall. In addition, there are maps of the maximum and minimum extremes for rainfall.

Forecast description
- describes the methods behind the production of the dynamical seasonal climate forecasts.

Probabilistic forecast
- how the output from the dynamical model is manipulated for more refined prediction information.

Individual model forecast map
- list the major model results that IRI forecast used.

Skill map for individual model forecast

Multi-model forecast map

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